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We are a medical practice specializing in the primary prevention of illness and disease, as well as the optimization of overall health and wellness.

Traditional medicine is undergoing a fundamental and radical shift. Patients should not have to wait until they are feeling sick or ill (or until they have a diagnosis of disease) to visit their doctor. Optimizing overall health is no longer a choice — it is a responsibility.

Treat Wellness defies the traditional "one-size-fits-all" medical approach and assesses patients as unique physiological, genetic, and emotional individuals. We form partnerships with our patients in order to help them establish and achieve goals for optimization of health. Because successful medicine requires a thorough assessment of the patient’s genetic composition, health history, and current physical state, it necessitates extensive, individualized attention from the medical practitioner to inform a customized treatment plan. Our treatment plans are safe, effective, and sustainable.

Our goal is to educate our patients about the latest cutting edge research. We work as a team to develop trusting relationships with our patients. We are committed to delivering preventative healthcare ethically and without harm.