NOTE: The information posted here is subject to change daily. Treat Wellness LLC is only offering COVID-19 in-office testing for patients that do NOT have a fever or cough. If you would like an at-home testing kit, please call or email us. 

*If you believe you have been exposed, please contact the office about specialty therapies (IV and Nebulized therapies) and testing.

Newton Wellesley Hospital COVID-19 information:
Phone #: 617-724-7000
-Stay on the line
-You will be screened/questioned
-If you qualify, you will be escorted to the next chain of command

South Shore Hospital information:
Phone #: (781) 624-8000
-Currently no tent testing
-Go to ER for evaluation

UMass Memorial information:
Phone #: (508) 334-1000
-Currently no tent testing
-Go to ER for evaluation



Click HERE to view Dr. O’Neil-Smith’s latest lecture on COVID-19

As the COVID-19 outbreak continues, please heed the following guidelines to protect yourself and those around you:

What can you do?
  • Prophylactic immune support: Get adequate nightly sleep. Maintain a healthy & balanced diet. HYDRATE! Routinely wash your hands with soap. Get fresh air and exercise (avoid gyms/fitness centers).
  • Immune boosters: Omega-3’s, Vitamin D3, Probiotics (supplements, kombucha, etc.), Transfer Factor (Multi-Immune & Plasmyc), Vitamin C, and Zinc
  • BE SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE! If you believe you have been exposed and are displaying symptoms, avoid subjecting others to exposure by requesting a COVID-19 test (available in our office) AND self-quarantining for 14 days
  • Even if you appear symptom-free, contact with elderly and immunocompromised individuals may place them in severe danger; please be prudent and socially responsible until this outbreak resolves
  • Order food and other necessities through home-delivery services

Please continue to check this website for virtual updates.